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In the course of the project LUTA our main focus, asylum policy in Europe, has become even more topical - not only at the Schengen borders but also in whole Europe.

The learning partnership intended to contribute to a transnational civic education process equiping adult learners in seven European countries with profund knowledge of EU asylum directives and national asylum legislation as well as biographies of refugees and their individual experiences gained fleeing their homelands, in the asylum procedures and the integration process in different European countries.

Having the best and most generous asylum system is of little use if barriers and obstacles are placed in the path of asylum seekers fleeing persecution.

The expectable gap between individual experiences and the national legislative levels was subject of comparative research, of collective reflection within the project team and of public discussion panels with local and regional politicians in the partner countries.

Based on biographcal interviews with refugees in all partner countries a video documentary was produced. The project website disseminates the research results in the form of a comparative matrix and national relevant results to a wider audience.



In the language of social media <LUTA> means Let Us Talk Again. This meaning goes well with our project. In addition, in our project LUTA stands for the principle "Learn-Understand-Trust-Act“. This motto will accompany us during our two-year partnership and hopefully beyond.

If we are talking about refugees we all know that people of various social backgrounds are forced to leave their country of birth as a result of life-threatening reasons. After making it to the Schengen zone – under horrible circumstances as we also know - bureaucratic hardship and broad [public] rejection await them.

National politics negotiate quotas; people in need of protection become “allocated contingents”. Our project should contribute to raise awareness in our social environment that refugees are not merely numbers, that they have faces and stories and the right to express themselves creatively within the public.

The key method will be the biographical interviewing carried out in pairs composed of refugees and adult learners of the majority society. Together we will produce a documentary about these interviews.

An other important issue is the co-operation between different types of organisations: Institutions for adult education, Cultural institutions as well as refugee relief organisations are involved. These different institutions provide a variety of expertise and experience which should lead us into a mutual learning process.

Specific results of European added value of the project LUTA,

 were the interviews that each partner has made in their own country  with asylum seekers and refugees about their experiences and needs.The interviews made it possible to realize a video documentary. The interviews were guided by people from Iran, Afghanistan, Belarus, Mali, Togo, Syria, Somalia, Chechnya.

The interviews about these life stories were one of the most important activities and a intensive learning step for all team members.

The realization of a multilingual video (subtitled in English) gives a differentiated insight into refugees' experiences in Europe. This video is applicable in the field of culture, active citizenship, education and youth (such as, for example, training courses, seminars, events, study visits). In order to protect the privacy of the interviewees it will not be presented on the website or in social media.

For achieve this goal, the association Ashram, before of the interviews, has involved refugees, adults and children, in two creative laboratories in order to promote confidence and consolidate cooperation between refugees and staff. The laboratories have achieved the goal thanks to the collaboration of the "Cooperativa Prospettiva" and the consortium "Il Nodo". Both organizations work in Catania in agreement with the SPRAR (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees).


1)           Creative laboratories:

 ”EBRU” is a technique of drawing on water (paper marbling).

Objective: create trust and strengthen cooperation between refugees and staff  for collecting life stories and for      realization of video testimonials through interviews.

2)            Laboratory KITE: the refugees have been engaged in the construction of kites and involved in public demonstration on the beach: 2nd edition of the Kite Festival "Migrants against wind"

Nell'ambito del progetto "LUTA" l'associazione ha iniziato una collaborazione e stipulato una convenzione con il consorzio il "Nodo" di Catania, organizzazione impegnata nell'erogazione di Sevizi di Accoglienza, Integrazione e Tutela per i rifugiati e Richiedenti asilo. 
Ciò permettera a tanti giovani "rifugiati e richiedenti asilo" di partecipare a diverse attività di integrazione. Attraverso laboratori artistici e manuali raggiungere l'obiettivo di realizzare uno spazio in cui costruire rapporti interpersonali con i giovani della città e i volontari europei impegnati nelle attività dell'associazione. Attraverso l'arte e il gioco vogliamo rendere meno dolorosa la quotidianità di chi arriva sulle nostre coste in cerca di una vita più dignitosa. I  rifugiati e i richiedenti asilo vivono un tempo "sospeso": un passato di ricordi dolorosi e un futuro di speranza. Il presente è "sospeso", complesso perchè, stressante e incomprensibile.

4° Meeting  CATANIA 26-29 MARZO 2015 

Workshop "Mediterranean sea: bridge or frontier?"

28 marzo 2015 h. 10:00 presso la Biblioteca Comunale V. Bellini Via Sangiuliano 307-Catania


Apertura dei lavori e saluti h. 10:00

Presentazione del progetto: Project Coordinator  Universität Klagenfurt - AUSTRIA   


D.ssa Noemi Sicali coordinatrice Sprar - Consorzio Sol.Co / Catania

Dr. Piero Mangano coordinatore Comunità alloggio per minori Coop. “Prospettiva” Catania

Dr. Mamadou Konate, richiedente asilo politico  (testimonianza) 

Project partner

Organization for Aid to Refugees - REPUBBLICA CECA
Associazione ASHRAM (MultiKulti) - ITALIA 
Sprachendienst Konstanz – GERMANIA 
Marieborgs Folkhögskola - SVEZIA
Write Deal - MALTA
Instytut Tolerancji w Łodzi - POLONIA

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