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Azione 1.2 - Gioventù per l'Europa

  • "Roots in the Mediterranean sea" n. 111.046-1,2-IT-10-2003-R0 / Euro-Med 2003  ..... foto

"Roots in the Mediterranean sea" - is a youth exchange submitted by Circolo Intercultural Ashramm whose aim is to promote understanding between different cultures through different cultural activities such as exhibitions, theatre, etc....The exchange takes place in Catania (IT) and brings together 28 young people from Meda (6 TR, 6 MT) and European (10 IT, 6 GR) regions. By discovering common roots in the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean basin the exchange aims to promote understanding between people with difference cultural, social and religious background. During the exchange the young people will discover the common musical, archaeological, dancing traditions. The exchange will help overcome prejudices thus contributing to the fight against discrimination and racist behaviour. 

  • The Dusty Book On The Shelf! –“Our Environmental and Cultural Values” n.  117.118-1,2-TR-4-2004-R0 / Euro-Med 2004

Genc Analysis ve Degisim Dernegi, (GAD) Young understanding and exchange, is a national youth NGO, who work with and for young persons, to organize activities, to promote peace, tolerance and cooperation. To reach its aims, GAD organizes youth exchanges, youth camps, seminars, conventions, festivals, workshops, voluntary services, summer schools and trainings. This exchange 'The dusty book on the shelf - our environmental and cultural values' is a part of a long term strategy, and will bring 3-4 participants each from 8 countries. The exchange takes place in Mugla, TR and the countries involved are CY, DE, EG, IT, PT, TN, TR and UK, in total 26 participants. The exchange focuses on cultural and environmental heritage in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Methodologies used are discussions, intercultural learning games, practical work, excursions, planning of follow up activities, sports activities etc. Most participants are youngsters with fewer possibilities.

Azione 2 - Servizio Volontariato Europeo
  •  " Quartieri " n. IT-21-25-2008-R1 - 2008/2009  ..... foto
  •  “"Avrupa'yı Yerken ve Dinlerken" n. TR-21-91-2009-R4 - 2010  ..... foto
  •  “"Sun Rising From East"” n. TR-21-71-2010-R3 - 2010/2011  ..... foto
  •  "Culture et volontariat des jeunes en Euromed c’est votre année!" n. 200168-2-FR-2011-R1 - 2011/2012 ..foto
  •  “"Kite in the Sky"” n. TR-21-135-2011-R3  -  2012  ..... foto 
  •  "Uçurtma Bayramları" (Kite Festivals) n. TR-21-118-2012-R2 - 2012 -  2013  ..... foto
  •  “"Motives of Different Cultures"”  n. TR-21-180-2012-R3 - 2013 ..... foto
  •  "Cultural Itineraries in Europe" n. TR-21-136-2012-R3 - 2013..... foto
  •  "For Peace and Brotherhood" n. TR-21-187-2013-R3 - 2014  ..... foto
  •  "Healthy Generations" n. TR-21-157-2013-R3 - 2014  ..... foto
  • "Peace and dialogue for an open Mediterranean"  n. 2014-2-FR02-KA105-000816 ..... foto
  •  "DO IT !  LEARN IT !"  n. 2015-2-DE04-KA105-012963

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